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#PowerPlayer - ShesBallin Standouts

This past weekend was the ShesBallin Extravaganza where many of the top high school girls prospects game to get ready for the summer.  Here is a quick synopsis of the weekend.  

2022 Prospects 

Mia Williams (5'6 / 2022 / ProSkills Houston 17U) - Williams is a tough hard nosed guard.  She used her quickness all tournament to apply defensive pressure 94 feet.  She facilitated well for her team, and provided much of the energy needed to be in games. She possesses a high IQ which was on display in various P/R situations.  Tough to contain when she decides to get in the paint.  Didn't shoot that well, so I look for her to become more consistent shooting as the summer wears on.  

Kelsie Hawkins (5'6 / 2022 / SA Finest Taybo) - Ultra quick and headed guard, ran her club to perfection.  Very good ball-handler which allows her to get wherever she wants on the court. Makes the right play all the time, consistently put teammates in great positions to score.  Could easily get passed defenders when she chooses, but the best thing is she is a pure PG and isn't concerned with her numbers.  Needs to become more of a threat from the 3pt line.  Doesn't look to shoot very many to keep the defense honest. 

Da'Lonna Choice (5'6 / 2022 / Team Lex Loaded 17U) - Choice has a very high IQ, reads defense well, and is very active on defense.  Good size, and athleticism  allows her to play through contact.  She is quick off the bounce, and has ability to find holes in defense.  She has nice form on her shot, with ability to shoot over defenders.  Very good transition player.  Struggled with quicker guards, but majority of players do.  When she learns pace and angles, faster guards won't be a problem. 

Lydia Cooke Wiggins (5'6 / 2022 / Texas U) - Lydia came in off the bench and immediately changed the pace of the game. Utilizes the shot fake well to get to her spot.  Has capability to hit mid-range and from 3pt distance.  Very strong and quick guard, plays well in the lead guard spot or off the ball.  Didn't defend very well, but something tells me she is top-notch on the defensive end.  I've seen her hound defenders before.  Would like to see her run the team a little more instead of being off the ball. She will have to run the PG spot at the next level. 

Sydney Ward (6'0 / 2022 / ASGR) - Long athletic guard that can handle the rock.  Breaks down defenders with ease, and has ability to finish over the top.  Loved the way she keeps moving in the offense.  Didn't stand and watch, continuously came off screens looking to create.  Her demeanor is also one to applaud.  She was missed multiple times for open looks, and she didn't hang her head.  She kept moving and creating for her team.  She has capability to shoot from 3 didn't see her take or make many shots.  With her size and ability natural progression is getting confident behind the line. 

Kaitlyn Duhon (5'11 / 2022 / ASGR) -  Another long athletic guard, that is tough to keep in front.  She plays hard on every possession.  Gets to the free throw line on a consistent basis.  Uses her length to disrupt passes, and defend 1-4 positions.  Good handle with ability to put pressure on defense from transition to half court. 

Maya Linton (5'11 / 2022/ Drive Nation 17U EYBL) - Linton is a utility player, whatever you need she can do it. Rebounding, driving, Midrange, & 3.  Plays under control, and guards everyone on the floor.  She can share duties at the point, and post up smaller guards.  Doesn't force the issue just lets the game come to her.  Very high motor 

TK Pitts (6'0 / 2022 / ProSkills 17U EYBL) - TK is long athletic guard wing combination that can defend multiple positions.  She has the toughness, and speed to the a lock down defender at the next level.  She also has ability to put ball on the floor in transition, and knock down the 3 ball.  

2023 & 2024 Prospects 

Ese Ogbevire ( 5'9 / 2023 / Texas Phenoms) - Ese is a quick defensive player.  Causes a lot of problems for opposing guards.  Smart on the defensive end, uses quickness too disrupt offense but smart enough to stay out of foul trouble. She is also a shifty ball-handler with ability to get in the paint to create kick outs. 

Reagan Jackson (5'9 / 2023 / Drive Nation 17U EYBL) - Aggressive guard, that lives in the paint.  High energy, and plays hard every possession.  Great in transition, and has good IQ.  Reads the defense well with ability to see next play develop.  Didn't shoot well, but has good looking form on the shot. 

Sahvani Sancho (5'7 / 2023 / Sa Finest Ki - Will) - Long guard, that gets anywhere on the court.  Nightmare in transition, plays passing lanes well, and has ability to get to the rim with either hand.  Plays with high confidence on both ends.  Uses her hands a lot on defense, but has great lateral quickness making if difficult for players to get past her. 

Micah Russell ( 5'6 / 2023 / Urban Heroes Elite) - Micah is a lightning quick guard, a slick ball handler and can use either hand to penetrate. She finishes at the basket over bigger opponents and has a mean change of speed explosion. Micah got to the rim at will, and isn't afraid to take contact. Very athletic guard that caused a lot of problems on the defensive end of the floor.  Plays passing lanes as good as I've seen.  Next level is reading defense, and making plays for others in the half court.  I see it coming.  

Kierra Merchant (5'10 / 2023 / ASGR 2023) - High IQ guard, handles the ball with pressure, and makes the right plays.  Shifty enough to get past her defender, and isn't scared to take the contact.  See's the court well making it difficult for teams to trap her. 

Justice Carlton (6'1 / 2024 / CyFair Elite Coop) - Justice was a rebounding machine, she was almost impossible to keep off the boards.  She has great hands and feet.  Can rebound out of area, and has a soft touch around the basket.  Watched her push the ball on the break, and spin move at the rim for a layup.  Has great size, and speed at the forward position.  Mid - range is where I can really see her excel.  Would like to see her develop a mid-range jumper, and extend from there.  She can handle good enough to push, but will need to get more confident handling the ball. 

Paris Bradley (5'9 /2024 /CyFair Elite Coop) - She can get hot quick.  Long, athletic shifty guard.  Uses both hands very well finishing at the rim.  3 level scorer as she has ability to get to the basket, hit a couple mid range floaters, and knocked down 2 three's back to back .  Loved her aggressiveness.  Look for her to just continue growing into her game. 

 #PowerPlayer Watch List

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'23 Ja'Shell Johnson - SA Finest Ki Will 

'23 Jade Clack - ASGR 2023 

'22 Sydney Love - PFB 

'22 Suni Davis - Texas U 

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