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ShesBallin Showcase High School Division

The second part of the day featured the High Schoolers.  It's always exciting to see the youngsters early in their careers, but it's equally exciting to see them in High school and how they have developed.  There was a ton of talent on hand that attended the camp early in their career.  Let's take a look: 

Right off the bat Jordy Griggs did not disappoint.  6'1 - 6'2 depending on who stands next to her.  Long athletic, and runs the floor extremely well.  She handles the ball in traffic with a good ability to change direction, and continue on path.  She did most of her damage off rebounds this go around, but isn't afraid to mix it up.  2nd, 3rd, 4th efforts were the story all night.  She didn't get to show off the handle too much, but you can see that it is coming along nicely.  She moves her feet well laterally, so she was comfortable guarding perimeter players. Everyone knows her name and you can see why, it’s quite evident with the potential that was on display.  


Haley Adams of Clark in San Antonio showed a very solid game.  She has grown since last summer sitting now at about 5'11 with a solid frame.  She rebounds the ball very well out of her area, plays under control, and has the ability to push in transition and deliver precise passes.  She is a very unselfish player. Haley is comfortable running the point and distributing to others. She is not afraid to guard the best player on the court, and possesses the length and toughness to make it difficult on most players.  She didn't shoot that well at camp, but has the ability to knock long range shots down.  That would be something to work on going forward. She is a good team kid as she cheered for teammates all camp and just played hard. 


The player that brought the energy to the whole camp was Deja Hinson.  The kid has a motor.  She plays hard every possession and is always talking.  She tends to get a little out of control, but her energy, fearlessness to penetrate, and ability to finish, far outweighs that.  She doesn't shoot outside very much; I would like to see her hit some jumpers.  She is a bull dog on defense, she hits the floor at least 6 times in a 6 minute scrimmage.  It is clear that winning is most important to her.  


Kiyleyah Parr La Vega High School in Waco brought some defensive pressure.  In one possession, she knocked loose 3 balls, and nose drilled an offensive player 94 feet.  She moves her feet really well on defense, and has active hands and is always in passing lanes.  Her offensive skill set needs work, but her defensive presence was unmatched.  


Valentina Saric - 6'1 guard - Woodside Priory, Portola Valley.  Valentina can stroke it.  She shot the ball really well.  Her length allows her to shoot over the top of defenders.  She has good range on the shot and showed the ability to put the ball on the floor.  She rebounds really well, and uses fundamentals to be effective.  She doesn't get out of her element and has a good feel for the game.  She made the High IQ play all camp long.   



Emma Flores 

Angelique Morgan 

Layla Conely 

Aysia Proctor 

Jayda Reece

Sahvani Sancho

Rian Forestier 

Sidney Love 

Aniyah Burke 

Arianna Roberson