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Sunshine State Showdown Recap



This past weekend the girls’ basketball community allowed me to attend the inaugural club season tournament in Florida The Sunshine State Showdown. Hosted by SUTS Scouting Report; Essence Girls Basketball, and the Miami Suns organization. There were teams from as far as Iowa on display and there was not a poor matchup played all weekend. Each program brought star power and intriguing individual matchups as well as stylistic differences, and they did not disappoint. 


Below you will find a brief synopsis of the weekend.  

  • FBC - United is loaded with talent multiple ranked players, and many high level D1 athletes 

  • Miami Suns play great as a team, and have chemistry 

  • Essence Tip Hayes Purple is tough they play with passion behind ‘22s Janiah Barker & Sydney Bowles 

  • Despite the star studded names of other clubs Team Candice Dupree plays solid, and is well coached with a super heady PG in ‘22 Aryana Hicks 

  • Hoop Dreams Elite is on the rise; they competed with some of the best in the tournament

  •  CFE has some good young talent coming up in Omaria Gordon & Zoe Tennell 

  • All Iowa Attack Plays hard and smart, high IQ players 

  • It’s refreshing to see the young girls play the right way, not worry about themselves and have fun like FGB Orlando 2028 did.  The game at its purest. 

2022’s that caught my attention 

Aryana Hicks - Team Candice Dupree 

Shaniya McCarthy - CFE 2022 

Janay Quinn - Miami Suns 

Sydney Shaw - Miami Suns 

Amiya Evans - Miami Suns 

Cady Pauley - All Iowa Attack 

Kelsey Joens - All Iowa Attack 

Sydney Bowles - Essence Tip Hayes 

Janiah Barker - Essence Tip Hayes 

Fatima Diakhate - Essence Tip Hayes 

Kiana Wilson - FBC Nightmares 

Myckeriyah Cooper - FBC Nightmares 

Ta’Niya Latson - FBC United 

Ashlyn Watkins - FBC United 

Saniya Byard - FBC Legacy 

Jegede Abigail - DME Travel 

Ajalon Gillard - Hoop Dreams Elite 

Milahnie Perry - Hoop Dreams Elite 

2023’s on the Verge 

DYanis Jimenez - Miami Suns Fowles 

Rhema Collins - Miami Suns Fowles 

Emma Risch - Team Candice Dupree 

Arianna Jackson - All Iowa Attack 

Sahara Williams - All Iowa Attack 

Halli Poock - All Iowa Attack 

Zoe Tennell - All Iowa Attack 

Briyanna Sapp - Compound Basketball 

Erica Moon - Essence Tip Hayes 

Esaria Adams - FBC Nightmares 

Reniya Kelly - FBC United 

Milaysia Fulwiley - FBC United 

Olivia Hutcherson - FBC United The Family 

2024’s Watchlist 

Kayla Nelms - Miami Suns Fowles 

Adeang Ring - DME 9th 

Peton McCabe - All Iowa Attack 9th 

Omaria Gordon - CFE 2022 

Sanaa Tripp - Essence Tip Hayes 

Zamareya Jones - FBC United The Family 

Joyce Edwards - FBC United The Family 

Briana Rivera - Hoop Dreams Elite 2023 

Kaliyah Morales - Miami Suns KiKi 9th